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architecture photo 掲載

「建築と社会の関係を視覚化する」をコンセプトにした建築メディアのarchitecture photoに「cup of tea ensemble 」を掲載頂きました!




The “cup of tea ensemble” was featured in architecture photo, an architectural media publication based on the concept of “visualising the relationship between architecture and society”!

The article was very detailed, covering the background and process of the project, the vision of a tourist city, and the kind of architecture we want to realise in the local community. Many of the texts and photos are being published for the first time, so it will be

The links also introduce treetop lighting that was created and commercialised as a result of this project, as well as links to materials and craftspeople related to Hida and Gifu. All of these people are working towards a better society in a very positive way. If you are interested, please feel free to contact them individually.